Thursday, March 17, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2730 - Power Corrupts...and Corrupts Absolutely When You Are a Liberal Trying to Control People by Controlling Energy - American Thinker (2) NRA/ Response to President Obama's Op-ed on Gun Laws - NRA-ILA (3) VIDEO: Obama on Talking The Talk - National Republican Congressional Committee (4) President Hamlet.....The Mind Set of a Community Organizer, Not a Chief Executive - Townhall

Steve Peters Commentary Power Corrupts...... and Corrupts Absolutely When You Are a Liberal Trying to Control People by Controlling Energy - American Thinker -  Recently J. Robert Smith wrote a blogpost arguing that the panic-driven coverage of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant illustrates an aversion to risk bordering on the, well, psychotic (my words, not Mr. Smith's). I would agree to a point, but I fear he has only elucidated part of the truth. His fundamental premise is but partially right; the inner core of liberals (as opposed to the useful idiots) don't fear breaking a few eggs to make an omelet, but rather understand that control of the populace can only be achieved by controlling their energy usage. The goal is to keep 'em poor, ignorant, and lethargic. Wind and solar and the menagerie of "green" power guarantee a low energy lifestyle, which guarantees the elites can turn off the lights when and where they choose. Without energy you have no water pumps, no farm vehicles, no heat, no refrigeration. You have no internet, no talk radio. Control the energy flow and you control the masses. It's why they oppose drilling for oil. It's why they oppose nuclear. It's why they oppose coal. Anything that brings the prices down, makes for easier access to energy, weakens their stranglehold.  Read more.....
NRA/Response to President Obama's Op-ed on Gun Laws - NRA-ILA Monday, March 14, 2011  On Sunday, March 13, the Arizona Star published an op-ed from President Barack Obama that discussed his belief that we should seek “agreement on gun reforms.”  Those “agreements” would almost certainly include new restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of the American people that are unneeded and unacceptable for law-abiding gun owners.  Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox responded to the President in a letter delivered to the White House on March 14.  Click here to read that letter.

Obama on Talking the Talk - National Republican Congressional Committee - This is a great video, please watch.

President Hamlet......The Mindset of a Community Organizer, Not a Chief Executive - Townhall - More than 400 years ago, William Shakespeare wrote a riveting tragedy about a young, charismatic Danish prince who vowed to do the right thing in avenging his murdered father. That soon proved easier said than done. As a result, Hamlet couldn't quite ever act in time -- given all the ambiguities that such a sensitive prince first had to sort out. In the meantime, a lot of bodies piled up through his indecision and hesitancy. President Obama wanted to give us all universal health care. But then he discovered that the country was broke and that most people did not like his massive federal takeover. So we got both his health care and so far more than 1,000 exemptions from his landmark plan for unions, corporations and entire states.......But now Obama is chief executive, and learning, as did Prince Hamlet, that thinking out every possible side of a question can mean never acting on any of them -- a sort of Shakespearean "prison" where "there is nothing either good or bad." Worrying about pleasing everyone ensures pleasing no one. Once again such "conscious does make cowards of us all." Hamlets, past and present, are as admirable in theory as they are fickle -- and often dangerous -- in fact.  Read entire article.......

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