Friday, March 11, 2011

Ronald Reagan - #2712 - Video and Audio: Incredible Audio: Secret Service Releases Audio Tape of Reagan Assassination Attempt - The Blaze

You can listen to the audio here, ....... audio is what has just been released. Incredible video tape of Ronald Reagan Assassination Attempt -The A Secret Service audiotape 30 years old sheds light on the chaotic aftermath of Ronald Reagan‘s shooting when neither the president nor his guardians realized he’d been shot, and an agent’s snap“Let’s hustle,” agent Jerry Parr is heard barking as Reagan’s limousine suddenly changed course, the sight of the president’s blood signaling there was more wrong with him than a bruised rib or two, as everyone thought right after the March 30, 1981, attack. The car, which had been spiriting Reagan back to the security of the White House after the spray of gunfire, sped to George Washington University Hospital instead. Reagan lost about half his blood and came closer to death that day than Americans realized for years later. decision to get him to a hospital might have saved his life.  Read entire article........ Video as been viewed 1,409,504 times.

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