Sunday, March 20, 2011

Po-Life Legislation - #2736 - Good News: Pro-Life Legislation Captures the Spotlight - Citizen Link

Across the nation, pro-life legislation is taking center stage.  In the first of two votes, the Missouri House passed pro-life legislation Monday that would protect preborn babies who are 20 weeks or older and viable. A second vote will take place this week, after which the bill would move to the Senate.  “The state should act to protect and provide for the most needy,” said Republican Rep. Tim Jones, the bill’s sponsor. “I cannot think of anyone more innocent and more needy than an unborn child.”  The New Mexico House voted 63-5 recently in favor of a bill that would make it a crime to kill or injure a preborn child after the 20th week of pregnancy.  More than 35 states have similar laws. The federal “Unborn Victims of Violence Act” was passed after the 2002 murders of Laci Peterson and her baby son.  New Hampshire’s House Judiciary Committee has passed a parental-notification bill that would require minors to notify their parents 48 hours before having an abortion. It would resurrect a law that was repealed four years ago.  In Utah, legislation that is sitting on the desk of Republican Gov. Gary R. Herbert would require the state’s three abortion clinics to be inspected twice a year instead of every two years.  “We’re not impinging on a woman’s right of choice,” Republican Sen. John Valentine told The Salt Lake Tribune. “We’re talking about the quality of health care services.”

More Pennsylvania Abortion Shops Shuttered - Redstate - When the story of the abortion shop cum abattoir run by Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell hit the press in January the nation was shocked by the near medieval conditions encountered by women seeking access to the “safe, legal, and rare” procedure which kills over a million children each year........ If there is a single good thing to come out of this incident, other than Gosnell and most of his ghouls spending most of the rest of their lives in prison, it is the heightened level of scrutiny to the business of baby killing, a business that has managed to intimidate its way out of any regulatory regime.  Since Pennsylvania has resumed inspections two more abortion facilities have been shuttered.  Read more.......

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