Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Michigan Union Protests - #2723 - VIDEO: Michigan Unions Use Astro-turf Protests to Intimidate Businesses - The Blaze (2) Union-Controlled National Labor Relations Board Approves Union Thuggery in Union Elections - Redstate

Michigan Unions Use Astro-turf Protests to Intimidate Businesses - The Blaze - Thanks to one carpenters union (the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters), some areas in Michigan can report an increase in manufacturing. Just one small problem here, they are manufacturing only:  threats, intimidation, protest signs. Imagine that you are a business owner and the local union demands that you reveal the private payroll data of your 120 non-union employees within a week. If you choose not to answer this demand, the union will consider you to be obviously “paying substandard wages and benefits.” In addition to that proclamation from the Union, your customers will be notified by mail that a labor dispute exists between the union and your company and that any job sites where you have contract to perform work will be subjected to protests in the form of ‘bannering’ and the distribution of leaflets. Read more........

Union-Controlled NLRB Approves Union Thuggery in Union Elections - Redstate - On Friday, in its continuing attempt to hand over the American workplace to union bosses at all costs, the union-controlled National Labor Relations Board has thrown employees’ rights under the bus once again. This time, however, the NLRB’s obedience to union bosses could cause employees to get hurt.  Under the National Labor Relations Act, employees are presumably free to choose to unionize or not to unionize free from coercion or interference. In previous cases, the National Labor Relations Board had considered threats (even by third parties) enough cause for an election to be overturned. This was the case even recently:  Under NLRB precedent, the third party standard for determining if an election should be overturned is threatening behavior that makes a free choice in an election impossible through a general atmosphere of fear or reprisal.  The company charged several instances of union supporters threatening other employees with bodily harm and damage to their property if they crossed picket lines. In total, there were about 30 employees who had either been threatened or learned of the threats.

Unbelievably, on Friday, the union-controlled NLRB ruled that threats of physical violence by pro-union supporters is not coercive.  Read more......

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  1. God forbid there would be an organization standing up for working people.