Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glenn Beck - #2722 - VIDEO: It's Time to Stand With Japan - Glenn Beck: The Left Doesn't Let a Crisis Go to Waste - Fox - Part 1 and 2 (2) Entire TV Show - Mr. Doom and Gloom (3) Show Notes and Research - Fox

Glenn Beck - It's Time to Stand with Japan - The Left Doesn't Let a Crisis Go to Waste - Part 1 - While the quake has triggered fears of meltdown at a number of the country’s nuclear power facilities, what role will the quake play in a possible economic meltdown.  Please watch and learn how George Soros is behind some of the media reporting on this over the weekend.

Part 2 - Glenn Beck - It's Time to Stand with Japan

Entire Show - Tonight: Glenn is back from vacation and ready to roll...we've got a lot to cover this week, so I hope you are ready to do some homework. The first fifteen minutes of tonight's show are done in typical Glenn fashion, wih him explaining how the nuclear reactors work in Japan using pots, pans, and some M&Ms. Then, Glenn moves on to talk about how the MSM just always loves to paint him as a fear-mongering doom and gloom conspiracy theorist...he also reads through the latest headlines of our favorite newspaper, The New York Times (laughs). Then, how the quake in Japan will affect our economy.  Show Notes and Research - Glenn also addressed the MSM, which has been happy to accuse Glenn of being a conspiracy theorist who traffics in fear and has become too “doom and gloom”. Glenn responded by reading through all the headlines of a recent NYT, which contained stories about national disasters, rape of the elderly, and more horrific stories. And as Glenn pointed out on radio, they report these stories without offering any hope or answers. Why is Glenn condemned for being doom and gloom when the MSM is producing the same types of stories?  Glenn also discussed the possible effects of the disaster in Japan could have on the US debt and economy.. Read more.......

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