Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Union Protests - #2667 - VIDEO: Shocking Level of Influence Exposed: Union Boss Trumka Talks to White House Every Day & Visits a Couple of Times a Week (2) Is White House Helping to Orchestrate a National Union Uprising? You Be the Judge - Redstate (3) Wisconsin Senate Committee Passes New Rules: Senators Must Collect Their Paychecks in Person - Hot Air (4) Awakening Another Sleeping Giant - American Thinker

Shocking level of influence exposed: Union Boss Trumka talks to White House every day and visits a couple times a week. This clip has been viewed 40,303 views.

Is White House Helping to Orchestrate a National Union Uprising? You Be the Judge - Redstate - A full 88% of America is union-free. Yet, despite the fact that the vast majority of American taxpayers do not belong to a union, let alone work for the government, we Americans are being held hostage by a loud and thuggish minority who feel that it is their right to force the vast majority of Americans acquiesce to their demands. Last week, we learned that the Democrat National Committees’s Organizing for America has been orchestrating and mobilizing the protests going on in Wisconsin. This week, unions across the country are marching on state capitols to show their “solidarity.” Today, we learn that top AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka is visiting the White House two to three times per week and speaking with someone in the White House everyday. Read more.... 

Wisconsin Senate Committee Passes New Rules: Senators Must Collect Their Paychecks in Person - Hot Air - A nice first step. The next step, after the “fleebaggers” (as they’re now being called on Twitter) have come home, should be to pass a law retroactively docking their pay for the days they missed. Senate Republicans can’t do that now, I believe, because it’s a fiscal measure and those require a 20-member quorum. But soon enough, soon enough........The committee vote on that was 3-2, three Republicans in the majority and two Democrats in the minority. But wait — how can Democrats vote when they’re not there? Well, apparently, telephone votes are permissible and common practice for committee sessions, just not for floor sessions. Although not every GOP committee chairman was understanding about that this time around: Read more........ Why are they even getting a paycheck? In the real world where the rest of us live when you refuse to come to work, you either do not get paid, or more likely you're fired! The only thing the Democrats seem to be good at is creating huge problems and then running away when Republicans try to clean up their mess. Article and commentary contributed by Steve Peters.

Awakening Another Sleeping Giant - American Thinker -  In the closing moments of the movie, Tora! Tora! Tora! a film about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the historically accurate character of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, responds to the praise and congratulations of his staff for the success of the mission with the admonition,  "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." ..... Now here we are once again in a highly volatile situation where an organized force of great might, led by cunning strategists, ruthless tacticians and calculating politicians, has pushed the people of America to the brink of disaster and looming financial ruin while the giant has been slumbering. Until this week that is, when came the surprise attack in Madison against the duly elected governor and the Republican controlled legislature, in effect, an assault on all those Wisconsin voters who had refudiated the big-spending Democrats and their union troops but four short months ago. That vote was seen by conservatives and Republicans as a mandate to halt the incursions on the state treasury by these same union forces now laying siege to the state house.  Read more.   This is  another great commentary from American Thinker please read, AW.

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