Thursday, February 24, 2011

Virginia General Assembly SB924 - #2670 - Breaking: Lt. Gov. Bolling Breaks 20-20 Tie -Abortion Centers to be Regulated - Family Foundation (2) Virginia Senate OKs Bill Cracking Down on Abortion Centers - Life News (3) Statement from Ken Cuccinelli on the Abortion Center Regulation Bill - The Shad Plank

We’ll have more later, but today, after about 90 minutes of debate, the Virginia Senate voted 20-20 on SB 924, as amended by the House, to direct the Board of Health to promulgate regulations for abortion centers. Lt. Governor Bill Bolling immediately cast his constitutional tie-breaking vote in favor of the bill as amended. It now will go to Governor Bob McDonnell who has promised to sign it.  What an incredible victory, thanks to all our legislators who voted for this Bill and especially Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.   For the record, a telephone call to Creigh Deed's office, Senator for my District #25, he voted against this Bill.

Virginia Senate OKs Bill Cracking Down on Abortion Centers - Life News - The Virginia state Senate has signed off on a bill the state House revived that would crack down on abortion businesses in the state and ensure they are following better health and safety standards. After a Democratic-controlled state Senate committee that traditionally kills pro-life bills defeated the abortion clinic regulations measure, Del. Kathy Byron, a Republican, on Monday put forward an amendment to SB 924, a Senate bill on health and safety regulations for hospitals. The amendment essentially attached the pro-life bill the Virginia state Senate Education and Health Committee killed earlier this month to the legislation.  Because of the change to the Senate bill, it went back to the state Senate for a concurrence vote.  After a long and passionate debate on the Senate floor, senators voted 20-20 and pro-life Lt. Governor Bill Bolling cast the tie-breaking vote to send the bill to Governor Bob McDonnell, who will sign the measure into law.  Read more.....  This is a view of what happened today and the impact it will have on the Abortion Centers in Virginia from a prospective you won't read in many other places.  Please take time to read this.

Statement from Ken Cuccinelli on the Senate Vote requiring Abortion Centers to be regulated like hospitals in Virginia -  The Shad Plank -  Today, a long, hard-fought battle for women's health and dignity has finally been won in the State Senate.  Just this afternoon, the Democrat controlled Virginia State Senate passed a bill which will require abortion clinics to meet hospital-style safety standards. This will mean that any abortion clinic which performs more than 5 abortions in a month will need to meet safety standards comparable to any other clinic which performs out-patient procedures.  For over 25 years, Virginia abortion clinics have not been held to minimal health and safety standards. As a result, women who walk into these clinics are often not treated with the care and respect that any human being deserves. Our abortion clinics have not been held to high safety standards in the past - even issues of basic cleanliness have been lacking. As a result, women who walk into these clinics have been done a severe disservice.

It is interesting to note that in 1984 when the health and safety regulations were removed from Virginia abortion clinics, the Virginia Society for Human Life and notoriously liberal National Organization for Women (NOW) held their one and only joint press conference ever. They jointly objected to the removal of health and safety standards, asserting that women in abortion clinics would not get the quality of treatment and the respect of people in other medical facilities. And what an understatement that turned out to be.  Obviously I am pro-life. While I regret the occurrence of abortions, I do want women in all circumstances treated with the dignity and respect that every human being deserves. The establishment of health and safety standards for Virginia's abortions clinics will not only help preserve the health and safety but also the dignity of women in Virginia.  As a state senator I tried for several years to pass this legislation - and it is great to see that today, members from both sides of the aisle - and the Lt. Governor - realized the importance of this legislation and were able to score this victory for life, and the dignity of women."

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