Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Virginia General Assembly - #2668- Update: Virginia Senate Delays Historic Pro-Life Vote Until Thursday, Don't Delay Contacting Your Senator - Family Foundation (2) Senate Passes Property Rights Constitutional Amendment - Family Foundation

It’s never easy to negotiate a straight road through the General Assembly. This year, even as many issues long ago were decided, a stunning development has presented us a monumental last minute vote — but even that’s been pushed back a day. The Virginia Senate, after some debate today, put off until tomorrow a vote on the pro-life House amendment to SB 924. The bill, patroned by Senator Ryan McDougle (R-4, Mechanicsville), directs the Board of Health to create regulations regarding hospitals, nursing homes, and certified nursing facilities. However, Delegate Kathy Byron’s (R-22, Lynchburg) floor amendment (read here) Monday tacked on abortion centers to the types of facilities to come under these regulations. Once the House of Delegates approved the amendment and then the bill, it moved back to the Senate which will have to approve or reject the amendment and the bill. Contact your senator by e-mailContact your senator by phone.  Learn who your senator is.  Read entire article.......  Please call or email your State Senator, in the 25th District it is Creigh Deeds, 804-698-7525,

Virginia Senate Passes Property Rights Constitutional Amendment - Family Foundation -  On Feb. 22, the Virginia Senate passed by a 35-5 vote, a proposed amendment to the Virginia Constitution that would protect private property rights and curb the government’s power of eminent domain. Don’t be deceived by the vote. Often, at the General Assembly, legislation with the largest vote margins were the most difficult to pass, with twists and turns, near-deaths, deaths and resurrections. All could be said of this resolution. While it does not have the iron clad language on just compensation as it did coming out of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee, ironically, it still goes beyond the House version and does guarantee just compensation for “lost profits” and “lost access” — but it leaves it to the General Assembly to legislate those definitions (which means more work to be done next session!). ......Next steps: The resolution must be passed again by the new General Assembly next session — with no changes. That done, it will go to Virginians to ratify at the polls in November 2012.  Read entire article.....

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