Friday, February 25, 2011

'Save the American Dream' Socialist Nationwide Rally - #2674 - International Socialists Orchestrate Unions Rally to 'Save the American Dream' - The Blaze (2) Ochlocracy and the Menace of Government Unions -The Capitalist (3) Top 10 Labor Unions Outrages - Human Events

Last fall, leftist ideological groups of socialists and communists teamed up with American labor unions to march together for “One Nation.” Now, as labor leaders struggle to maintain a stranglehold on collective bargaining privileges in Wisconsin, the same groups are once again marching together under a banner claiming unions are the heart of the American dream. As we’ve reported, former White House green jobs czar Van Jones this week issued a rallying call for the progressive movement to “renew itself and become again a national force with which to be reckoned.” On Saturday, progressive groups and labor unions are reportedly planning to hold marches of solidarity in all 50 states. Here in Washington, D.C., leftist activists at are co-hosting a rally Saturday with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). But behind the scenes, The Blaze has exclusively learned the rally has actually been organized by the International Socialist Organization.  Read more..............  If you go on's web site, you will see there are rallies in Richmond, Washington and Baltimore that are close.

Ochlocracy and the Menace of Government Unions - The Capitalist - A revealing chant can be heard from the mobs invading the state capital in Madison, Wis.: “This is what democracy looks like.” Indeed, the much-beloved “democracy” of our tumultuous times entails under-performing, over-paid state bureaucrats showering pet politicians with compulsory union dues and holding taxpayers hostage to their militant demands while the voices and votes of a handful of reasonable officeholders are nullified by others who flee the state to duck hard votes. Meanwhile, out-of state mobs of equally under-performing, over-paid bureaucrats are bused into the state, to intensify the intimidation. This is democracy — what Tocqueville called the “tyranny of the majority” and Hamilton called our “real disease.”  Read more.......  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

Top 10 Labor Union Outrages - Human Events - With labor unions seeing a decline in membership, their agenda is becoming ever more desperate. Public-employee unions, with their lavish taxpayer-funded pensions, are driving governments to insolvency. No wonder approval ratings for unions are at an all-time low. Here are the Top 10 Labor Union Outrages.  Read more......

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