Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ronald Reagan - #2621 - Michael Barone: Ronald Reagan at 100: A True Believer Who Caught Destiny's Eye - Washington Examiner

"Within the Reagan household, and perhaps in Ronald Reagan's heart," his definitive biographer Lou Cannon writes, "there was an early sense that he was a child of destiny." Certainly there was not much in his family background to suggest that. The 40th president was born one hundred years ago on Feb. 6 in the second floor of a gritty-looking building in Tampico, Ill. The family moved to other towns, and briefly to Chicago, before shoe salesman Jack Reagan and his wife, Nell, settled in the prosperous town of Dixon when Reagan was 9......Yet from an early age Ronald Reagan seems to have been, as one biographer said of Abraham Lincoln, "a little engine of ambition." An ambition to be someone important in the world, someone who could do things for others; maybe, although he never said so, to be president. But how to move up in the world? One way was athletics; high school stars are celebrities in small towns. But the young Dutch Reagan stayed home reading while his older brother Moon played baseball, and he was too nearsighted to hit a pitch or catch a fly ball. Read more........ 
In his name, we need people of courage to stand up against all the lies being told by Obama and all his administrative minions.  Who will stand with Joe Wilson and say YOU LIE Obama! - Can a great nation survive a self absorbed president who consistently lies to the American people every time he talks in public? Yes, it can, but it cannot survive a complacent and compliant "old news media" which refuses to hold him accountable for his words and actions, because they agree with his agenda. Get involved! We need to take our country back from the liberal government wonks and their various support groups like the "old news media" taking us to a collectivist place to which we do not want to go. I know what Ronald Reagan stood for, and it disgusts me to see Obama and other liberals attempt to embrace him and pretend they agree with what he fought for.  Article and commentary contributed by Steve Peters.

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