Friday, February 25, 2011

Health Care Law - #2672 - Obamacare is Already Damaging Health Care - Wall Street Journal (2) Federal Judge: Now the Commerce Clause Covers 'Mental Activity' - American Thinker (3) Obamacare Ruling: Commerce Clause Reaches 'Mental Activity' - Hot Air

Many of its changes don't kick in until 2014. But the law is forcing dramatic consolidation and reducing choice in the industry. The Republicans who now control the House of Representatives hope to repeal or defund ObamaCare, but the law has already yielded profound, destructive changes that will not be undone by repeal or defunding alone. Active steps and new laws will be needed to repair the damage. The most significant change is a wave of frantic consolidation in the health industry. Because the law mandates that insurers accept all patients regardless of pre-existing conditions, insurers will not make money with their current premium and provider-payment structures. As a result, they have already started to raise premiums and cut payments to doctors and hospitals. Smaller and weaker insurers are being forced to sell themselves to larger entities. 
Doctors and hospitals, meanwhile, have decided that they cannot survive unless they achieve massive size—and fast.  Six years ago, doctors owned more than two-thirds of U.S. medical practices, according to the Medical Group Management Association. By next year, nearly two-thirds will be salaried employees of larger institutions.......This is why simply defunding enforcement of the individual mandate and other upcoming directives will not be enough: Given all this consolidation, limits on treatment choices are already becoming hardwired into the system. Lawmakers must take concrete steps to stop and reverse this......ObamaCare is already doing great damage, even years before its individual mandate and other controls kick in. Its systematic undoing is an urgent necessity.  Read entire article.  This article presents a very scary picture of the implications of this horrible law the Democrats in Washington have forced on us.  Considering the Obama Administration continues to ignore Judges' rulings on the Constitutionality of this law, something needs to be done quickly, we need to contact our representatives in Washington to inquire what can be done.   In the 5th district contact Rep. Robert Hurt, 202-225-4711, AW.  

Federal Judge: Now the Commerce Clause Covers 'Mental Activity' - American Thinker - According to federal Judge Gladys Kessler of the DC US District Court, the powers granted to the federal government on the Commerce Clause extend to regulating "mental activity." Ruling on an ObamaCare challenge brought by 2 individuals, the good Judge made the leap from "physical activity" to "mental activity" in extending the reach of the federal government. This is not a joke. Read more.......

Obamacare Ruling: Commerce Clause Reaches 'Mental Activity" - Hot Air -  Another federal judge has found for the Constitutionality of the individual mandate. But if ever you’ve wondered what tortured logic looks like (made in an effort to justify something that just doesn’t fit) then you’ll be amazed to read the following from the ruling......Our thoughts are now actions. There literally is nothing the federal government cannot regulate provided there is even a hypothetical connection to the economy, even if the connection at most is in the future.  Read more.......

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