Friday, February 18, 2011

Glenn Beck - #2653 - VIDEO: Beck - Who is the 12th Imam? - TV Show - 2/17/11 - Fox

Glenn Beck - Who is 12th Imam - Fox - The first clip features the 12th Imam, Link to the entire show is below.  Don't miss this one, whether you  know what the Bible says in Revelation about the 'End Times' or not, this clip will educate you on why the events in the middle east are so important to follow, and the relationship to the protests in Wisconsin and Ohio.  Show Summary: Tonight: Glenn briefly touches on the protests that are now growing in Wisconsin, where the unions are protesting the state government's desperate attempts to avoid financial ruin by limiting the unions’ collective bargaining power. Then, he moved onto the Twelfth Imam with guests Joel Richardson and Zuhdi Jasser. They talk about the stunning similarities between the Islamic Twelfth Imam – a belief held by a small, radical group of Muslims including Ahmadinejad – and the Biblical Antichrist.   Richardson is the author of The Islamic Antichrist. Jasser is a Muslim American and friend of Glenn's.Transcript of Show: America, tonight we are going to go on a very touchy subject. This is "The Glenn Beck Program." What do you expect? You're going to hear things that you agree with all the time? Tonight, you're going to hear things that you agree with and disagree with, and you're going to be pushed hard. If you are a Christian or a Muslim, both of these are probably going to -- they're going to be different points of views and so they're going to hack you off. But I don't always say, what, I want to say. I say what I think we have to.  Don't take anything at face value. Do your own homework. Make your own decision. This is information you need to know.  And we're all people here. So, we have to try to get it right but know that it's going to push you to the limits. Tonight, I'm going to show you the apocalyptic version of Christianity and the Twelvers in Iran and also the people that believe in the extreme ends of the Mahdi out of Muslim Brotherhood. And it's not good. I want to introduce you to Joel Richardson. He is author "Islamic Antichrist.  Read more.........  Link to entire show...........

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