Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glenn Beck - #2620 - VIDEO: Solutions for the Middle East - Glenn Beck TV Show - 2/4/11 (2)

Glenn Beck TV Show 2-4-11 - Solutions for the Middle East - Starting the show with his best Yoda impression, Glenn promised that if you haven't been frightened yet by what you've heard this week on the program- you will be after tonight. Glenn was joined tonight by a live studio audience and three experts to talk about the crisis going on over in Egypt and what, if anything, can be done about it. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser talks about the different political powers struggling to get control in Egypt. Joel Rosenberg talks about the possibility that a Caliphate could emerge in the Middle East. And finally, Damon Vickers on the economic impact of it all here at home. Show Notes: On TV tonight, Glenn invited Zuhdi Jasser, Damon Vickers, and Joel Rosenberg on the show. Damon focused on the economic impact of the events in the Middle East on America while Joel Rosenberg went in depth on the possibility of a Caliphate in the Middle East. Links to their books are below. Zuhdi Jasser talked about the Islamic political groups that are struggling for power right now in Egypt. While he does not currently have a book out, we will make sure to have his book information when it is released.

Beck and Rosenberg explain the "New Caliphate" - The Blaze

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