Friday, February 4, 2011

Gabrielle Gifford's Husband - #2617 -VIDEO: Mark Kelly at National Prayer Breakfast Expresses New Found Faith - Hot Air

Gabrielle Gifford’s husband Mark Kelly spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday. In his brief speech he expressed his own turn to faith to support him during the most difficult time of his life: I was telling Gabby just the other night, two nights ago, that you know maybe this event, this terrible event, maybe it was fate. I hadn’t been a big believer in fate until recently. I thought the world just spins and the clock just ticks and things happen for no particular reason. But from space, far above that traffic on the New Jersey turnpike, you have an entirely different perspective of life on our planet. It’s humbling to see the earth as God created it in the context of God’s vast universe… He closed his talk with an appeal to prayer. Although the words were a bit jumbled his meaning and sincerity were clear: God bless you and please, please, please continue to keep Gabby’s thoughts and prayers in your heart. It is really helping. Gabrielle Giffords condition continues to improve at a rehab center in Houston. Great video, please watch, AW.

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