Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chris Christie - #2646 - Christie Bringing His Act to DC - Hot Air

Chris Christie has spent the last fifteen months confronting the hard choices in New Jersey. Now he wants Washington DC to do the same. While insisting that it means nothing in terms of the next presidential election, Christie plans to deliver a speech demanding the same kind of courage from Congress and the President as he has demonstrated at the state level — and promises voters are ready for it: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is bringing his blunt talk about fiscal responsibility to Washington this week in a speech sure to stoke speculation about his national prospects – which have intensified in recent weeks as some Republicans openly fret about the strength of their 2012 field. Like Christie himself, the message he’ll deliver Wednesday at the conservative American Enterprise Institute is unorthodox and straightforward: he accuses both parties, Democrats and Republicans alike, of “timidity” in the face of the coming fiscal calamity. Read more.......

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