Friday, January 28, 2011

Va. Private Property Rights - HB1721 - #2596 - ALERT: Urban Development Optional Instead of Mandatory - #2596 - Del. Ingram Not Allowing a Vote on this Bill - Donna Holt - Virginia Campaign for Liberty- Va. 5th District Watchdog (2) ALERT: Constitution Protection at Stake Friday Morning in House Privileges and Elections Committee - Family Foundation

 UPDATE: When I called Del. Ingram's office, I was informed the vote on this this bill is scheduled for Feb. 4th at 8:30 a.m.  Please call your delegate in support of this bill.  Richmond is literally foreclosing on Virginia’s futureThe fight to preserve freedom is knocking on your door. Will you answer?  The Chair of the Counties, Town,  and Cities Committee, Riley Ingram (R-62), is blocking a critical piece of legislation that is vital to preserving the property rights of Virginians.  Call Delegate Ingram immediately as you read the rest of this email. He is supporting the agenda of the radical environmental lobby and big corporate developers.  He is sitting on HB 1721, legislation that would protect Virginians against the international environmentalists’ agenda.  Delegate Ingram’s office phone number is 804-698-1062.  Virginia Campaign for Liberty is leading the charge against one of the most egregious schemes the political establishment pushes to control our lives and bankrupt our communities.  I am of course talking about the land use provisions passed in 2007 (HB 3202). These provisions are now being used by huge corporate developers and eco-extremist groups to tag team Virginians with abusive regulations, stripping them of their livelihood and property.  You see, well-funded political environmental groups insist that human activity, especially exhaling carbon dioxide, will result in catastrophic environmental harm.  Read more........  Please call Delegate Ingram to ask that a vote be allowed on this bill #HB1721, 804-698-1062. 

Constitution Protection at Stake Friday Morning in House Privileges and Election Committee - Family Foundation -  Friday morning, the House Privileges and Elections Committee will consider a number of important constitutional amendments. Please contact committee members at the link above and encourage a vote for all three resolutions. The fourth resolution, and a major priority by several limited government advocates, is HJ 647, patroned by Delegate Rob Bell (R-58, Charlottesville). It passed sub-committee by one vote and its full committee vote was delayed a week. In committee and behind the scenes, local government interests, who use taxpayers’ hard-earned money to lobby against their own citizens, and large utilities and telecoms, are throwing every resource they have to defeat this proposal. Afraid of allowing Virginians to vote on the issue of protecting their own property, these special interests think property is private only until such time as they need it for their redevelopment schemes or transportation boondoggles. No less than 10 government and corporate special interests testified against the resolution in sub-committee, with only The Family Foundation, The Farm Bureau and the Virginia Agribusiness Council speaking in favor.  Read more....... Link to check your delegate......., Rob Bell-57th District, 804-698-1057,  David Toscano, 58th District, 804-698-1057, please call your delegate on this bill.

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