Thursday, January 6, 2011

U.S. Constitution - #2536 - VIDEO: Political Wrangling on House Chamber Interrupts Constitution Reading - The Blaze (2) Brief Commentary: Audrey Welborn from Visiting the House of Representatives' Gallery on Thursday, Jan. 6. 2011 (3) VIDEO: Heckler Interrupts Constitution Reading - The Blaze

I was there today, see below in red for a brief summary of my observations of being in the gallery of the House of Representatives. AW........  From the Blaze: I don’t think this is what Republicans had in mind when they planned on reading the Constitution on the House floor. But shortly after Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) took the podium to begin reading the document, he was interrupted by two Democratic Reps. trying to make political points, and one Republican Rep. who felt compelled to point out their error. In the end, the beginning of the reading looked more like a political circus than a reverent reading of our founding document:  The constant interruptions created a sense of ordered frustration, with Goodlatte becoming visibly flustered near the end of the fiasco. Even before Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., could begin reading the Constitution in the House of Representatives Thursday, Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., raised a parliamentary inquiry, trying to ascertain exactly what would be read. Would it be the original Constitution, or the Constitution as it now stands, with certain portions superseded by amendments...........Inslee pointed out that since the Republicans did not alert Democrats until now exactly what version of the Constitution would be read, Democrats had not had the appropriate 72 hours ahead of time to consider the language now before the House.   The last point by Inslee, that Democrats did not have 72 hours to read the Constitution language ahead of time, led to bellows of laughter in the chamber, perhaps mocking the Rep. for the claim’s absurdity.  Read the entire article........ 
        It was an incredible experience to be in the gallery for the first time, and to watch the Constitution being read in the House of Representatives for the first time.  What happened at the beginning is exactly why the Democrats were defeated in the November elections. The point of order they were so concerned about had already been addressed by Rep. Goodlatte if they had just allowed the reading of the Constitution to begin, they looked very foolish.  The Democrats continue to ignore the voters and the message that we were trying to convey in November.  Hope they keep it up, as it will insure their defeat in 2012.  It was interesting to watch the Democrats after they had read their passage, they would take their seats,  and would converse with each other pointing to their copy of the Constitution, like it was the first time they had read it.  Amazing what you can witness from the gallery. 
       I would encourage everyone to contact their Senator or Congressman to obtain the necessary passes, it will further enhance your knowledge of the process of the U.S. Congress, and how it operates.  Be prepared no cameras, videos, cell phones, no reading of any materials allowed, no note taking, or talking, or applause.  Sound like a free country...... all of these devices need to checked in at a place provided for you before you enter the gallery. The gallery today was only allowed to be at 20% of capacity, and people were rotated thru.  The first time we were there approximately 15 minutes, were forced to leave and get back in line.  The second time I believe they forgot us as we were there for over an hour and watched until they finished the reading of the Constitution. For people in the Va. Fifth District, we watched as Robert Hurt read his passage from Amendment 20, Section 4.   It was all very much worth all that we did to observe this, as we learned so much, and I am glad I didn't have any recording devices, as it would have been tempting to film it.  It was an honor to be there and witness history in the making.  We should also be very proud of Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte, VA-6th,  for organizing this, and many thanks for what he helped accomplish today, AW.

Heckler Interrupts Constitution Reading - The Blaze - A spectator watching the House recite the Constitution interrupted the reading during to question Obama’s eligibility to be president. While Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) was reciting Article 2, Section 1 detailing that the president must be a “natural born Citizen,“ the unidentified heckler shouted out ”What about Obama?”:The presiding speaker, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-OD) then chastised the gallery, reminding spectators that they are “guests of the House” and that outbursts are a “violation of the rules of the House.”  UPDATE:  According to ABC News, the the heckler was a woman who was arrested.

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