Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union Address - #2592 - VIDEO: Donald Trump Rants Over Obama's China Love During SOTU - The Blaze (2) New Heros vs. Old - Thomas Sowell - Townhall

Trump Rants Over Obama's China Love During State of the Union Address -  The Blaze Interview with Trump starts at 2:00 minutes into the clip - China is not a friend of the US and should not have been praised during President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday. That’s how CNBC paraphrased Donald Trump’s reaction to the State of the Union speech. In addition to calling the remarks “mostly talk,” Trump launched into an impassioned diatribe about the president heaping praise on the communist country.  “Interestingly, he was talking about how great China is … [but] it’s supposed to be a speech about us,” he said. “And China’s been hurting this country and hurting it very badly.”  “I thought the low point was when he talked about how great China was,“ Trump added ”To me that was inappropriate to have in this speech, especially in light of what has happened with China.”He even went as far as to say China is “not a friend of this country”:  Read more.........

New Heroes vs. Old - Thomas Sowell - Townhall - When I mention that my family used kerosene lamps when I was a small child in the South during the 1930s, that is usually taken as a sign of our poverty, though I never thought of us as poor at the time. What is ironic is that kerosene lamps were a luxury of the rich in the 19th century, before John D. Rockefeller came along. At the high price of kerosene at that time, an ordinary working man could not afford to stay up at night, burning this expensive fuel for hours at a time. Rockefeller did not begin his life as rich, by any means. He made a fortune by revolutionizing the petroleum industry. Although we still measure petroleum in barrels, it is actually shipped in railroad tank cars, in ocean-going tankers and in tanker trucks. Read more........ The Government does not create wealth, only paperwork and bureaucracy. Politicians do however, transfer existing wealth created by others(producers) to selected groups(takers) of their choosing. All the wealth and increase in living standards in this country come from innovative entrepreneurs coordinating and applying the efforts of the inventors. In Obama's State of the Union message, he will call for more "investment"(spending) by the government. He can only raise this "investment" by directly taking(taxing) the wealth from others, or printing additional dollars which will result in a corresponding reduction in the wealth held by others. The Founding Fathers constructed a form of governing intended to limit the size and influence of government over our lives. What Obama and the liberals do not understand is that this country's greatness is in spite of Government, not because of it. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Watch what Obama does, not what he says to the voters. The useful idiots in the old media will trumpet his moderate sounding words, but provide no followup when his actions continue to move the country towards collectivism.  Article and commentary contributed by Steve Peters.

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