Monday, January 3, 2011

Senate Rules - #2529 - VIDEO: Filibuster Under Attack in New Session? - Hot Air

Filibuster under attack in new session? - Hot Air - This topic will be among the hottest debated this week as Congress reconvenes, as it was almost six years ago — before the sides changed. Now the Democrats want an end to the filibuster, and the Republicans want to preserve tradition. Can there be a middle ground? CNN prepares people for the week ahead by reaching back to a film classic: It’s important to remember that in 2005 the GOP proposed an end to filibusters on judicial nominations only, not on legislation. That would have put judicial appointments on the same level as the budget in the Senate. When it was their ox being gored, Harry Reid and Thomas Mann at the liberal Brookings Institution wanted to preserve the filibuster in its entirety. Now that the filibuster has been used against them effectively, just as Reid and the Democrats used it to block well-qualified candidates like Miguel Estrada from the federal bench, they want it dismantled. My friend Jazz Shaw has already made this point, but it’s worth making again. Democrats won’t always have a Senate majority. In fact, since they have to defend 23 seats in the 2012 election to only 10 for the GOP, they’re almost certain to be in the minority again two short years from now.  Read more.........  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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