Saturday, January 8, 2011

Robert Hurt - #2541 - Congressman Hurt's Weekly Column - January 7, 2011 - New Beginnings: The 112th Congress Convenes

This week marked the official start of the 112thCongress, and with the pressing challenges facing our nation, we immediately got to work. Cutting Spending - One of my first votes cast as a member of Congress was a vote for cutting unnecessary government spending. I supported a resolution that would cut the House’s office budgets by 5 percent, saving taxpayers at least $35 million in 2011 alone. At a time when families and businesses in the 5th District are making tough economic choices for themselves, Congress should be expected to do the same. The vote was a good first step in turning the tide to put our country on a path of fiscal responsibility, and I’m committed to reining in reckless government spending throughout the next two years. Co-Sponsoring Legislation - I was proud to co-sponsor two pieces of important legislation this week.  Read more...........

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