Monday, January 24, 2011

Private Property Rights -#2586 - ICLEI Cannot Be Constitutionally Joined by Any City or Local Government - Virginia Right

Elwood Sanders - I have blogged on the threat of ICLEI, the UN-blessed cartel of local governments around the world. I contend that a local government in the USA cannot be a member of a group that advocates foreign policy aims or objectives abroad. I now suggest the Supreme Court of the United States would agree.  There is a recent case [Crosby v. National Foreign Trade Counsel, 530 U.S. 363 (2000)] where the Court discusses a Massachusetts law that forbad state agencies from dealing with the government of Myanmar (Burma). The Court held that this law was unconstitutional for several reasons, one of which was a conflict with an Act of Congress but another reason was that “…the state Act is at odds with the President’s intended authority to speak for the United States among the world’s nations…”  ........We speak with one voice abroad (or we should!) and the Attorney General needs to rule that no Virginia municipality can legally assist ICLEI in its foreign policy goals. Hence they must withdraw. I call on liberty activists throughout the Commonwealth to urge those cities in the thrall of ICLEI to follow the lead of Carroll County MD and simply get out of ICLEI and to urge their attorney general to make such a ruling if your state allows it. All it takes is one request. One liberty activist. One brave legislator. The globalists have taken a huge hit over a community of 150,000 residents in a blue state withdrawing from ICLEI.  Read entire article by Attorney Elwood Sanders.....

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