Thursday, January 27, 2011

Presidential Election 2012 - #2594 - Why 2012 is Not 1996 - Redstate

Undoubtedly, Obama will have the opportunity to take advantage of many of the same dynamics that favored Clinton’s re-election, and he may succeed for those and other reasons. But history never repeats itself precisely. It is worthwhile to reflect on the many things that worked to Clinton’s benefit that Obama can’t count on: 1: The Democrats Still Hold The Senate: 2: The GOP Candidate in 2012 Will Not Be A Leader of The GOP Congress: 3: Obamacare passed; Hillarycare didn’t: 4: The Economy: 5: War: 6: Money 7: Obama’s Not Clinton: 8: No Oklahoma City: All of this is before we observe other features of the landscape not existing in 1996, like blogs and the Tea Party movement, as well as the possibility that John Boehner, having lived through 1995, will not repeat all of the same mistakes made by Newt Gingrich. As I said above, none of this is an argument that Obama is necessarily doomed or can’t repeat some of the aspects of Clinton’s revival plus some new tricks of his own. But treating 2012 as a straight replay of 1996 is not just bad punditry, it’s bad history.  Read entire article and details on each of the above points.......

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