Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Health Care Bill - #2573 - VIDEO: House Repeals Obamacare 245-189 - Hot Air (2) Paul Ryan Tears Down the Obamacare Fiscal House of Cards (3) VIDEO: Robert Hurt Casts Vote to Repeal the Government Takeover of Health Care - WSET

House Repeals Obamacare 245-189 - VIDEO: Paul Ryan Tears Down the Obamacare House of Cards - Here’s the roll. Just three Democrats voted with the GOP, which may seem surprising in light of the number of Blue Dogs who voted no on O-Care back in March but really isn’t surprising given the new electoral realities they face. Even a Pelosi nemesis as bold as Heath Shuler has taken to calling repeal “immoral,” and Larry Kissell — who voted with the GOP on the test vote a few weeks ago but flipped today — wrote recently that since the bill has no hope in the Senate, it’s not “reality-based.” I encourage you to read this or watch the clip below of Paul Ryan crunching the numbers yesterday for a reminder about which side in this debate is the “reality-based” one. Ah well. End of the line now, as there’s no way to get it onto the Senate calendar. Or is there?  Read more.......  Paul Ryan is so very articulate and informative in this clip, this is one to pass to others to understand what is at stake, please watch, AW.

Robert Hurt Casts Vote to Repeal the Government Takeover of Health Care - Congressman Robert Hurt (R-VA) today issued the following statement after voting to repeal the Democrats’ health care law that was enacted in 2010. The repeal passed the House by a 245-189 margin:  “The Democrats’ health care law raises costs, increases taxes, places burdensome government regulations and mandates on small businesses, and will destroy jobs and hurt our economy.  “Voting to repeal the government takeover of health care is another way to help foster an economic environment of certainty that will give businesses the confidence necessary to hire and expand.  “This does not mean a return to the status quo. As a co-sponsor of the resolution that instructs committees to develop legislation to replace the Democrats’ health care law with market-oriented solutions, I am committed to finding ways to reduce health care costs and keep quality care while removing the government from the patient-doctor relationship.  “I look forward to debating and finding these solutions in an open and transparent manner throughout the 112th Congress.”

Robert Hurt on REPEAL and Replacement Solution - WSET

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