Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glenn Beck - #2571 - VIDEOS: America's Banker - China - Glenn Beck TV Show - January 18, 2011 (2) Glenn Beck Joins Keith Ablow on "Today" to Talk About...."Angry' Rhetoric - The Blaze - NBC

Glenn Beck TV Show - America's Banker - China - January 18, 2011 - Glenn focused on China again today, specifically on the movement to a post-American world. What is a post-American
world? One where America is no longer the world’s premiere superpower. The most likely new replacement? As you heard on last Friday's program, the answer is China. Our leaders aren’t exactly helping. People are being told that China’s rise and America’s fall is nothing short of inevitable. On the surface, China looks great. Almost everyone has a job and only a slim percentage of people live in poverty. But you'll find out tonight that things aren't quite that great..  You don't want to miss this show, the information on the average worker in China is astonishing, please watch, their President, Hu Jintao is here now.

Glenn Beck Joins Keith Ablow on 'Today" to Talk About.....'Angry' Rhetoric - The Blaze - On Wednesday, Glenn Beck appeared alongside co-author Dr. Keith Ablow on the “Today” show to talk about their new book, The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life. Interviewer Meredith Viera kept the topic about the book initially, although she did point out a couple times how Beck is controversial and a “lightening rod.” Read more.......

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