Monday, January 10, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords - #2547 -VIDEO: Rush on the Arizona Shootings: Left Will Use It To Institute a 'Clampdown' - The Blaze

Rush on the Arizona Shootings: Left Will Use It to Institute a 'Clampdown' - The Blaze - In his first day on the radio since the tragic shooting in Arizona, Rush Limbaugh chastised the media and the left for trying to blame the events on conservative rhetoric. He also conveyed his own theory about what the left will try and do with the tragedy: use it as an excuse to strip Americans of more freedoms.  Limbaugh explained that he wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats had already written up legislation for a “clampdown”: You know that they were rubbing hands together. You know that they were emailing and calling each other on the phone saying, ‘Ah ha, this might be the one. This might be the one where we can officially tie it to these guys and shut them up and shut ‘em down.’ They want you to believe that sadness was on the order of the day and I’m sure it was, but the opportunity and they couldn’t help themselves. They just couldn’t help themselves. Their first objective and their first priority was to try to make an association between this nut and Sarah Palin.  Limbaugh made sure to call out the media for its role in blaming conservatives, too. In a longer version of the clip from Mediaite, Limbaugh points out the folly of the media’s weekend coverage.  What an embarrassing weekend it has been for the media,” he said:  Read more.........

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