Friday, January 28, 2011

Chris Christie - #2597 - VIDEO: Christie Explains to Policeman - "You're Going to Have to Make Choices" - Hot Air

Gov. Chris Christie - You're Going to Have to Make choices" - Hot Air -  Ryan and Bachmann did well, but as an antidote to The One’s dissociative psychological break from fiscal reality, this is the best SOTU rebuttal you’ll see. No fireworks this time; what makes it effective is that it’s so matter-of-fact, to the point where I almost gasped at the bluntness of his response to the cop at the beginning. Retail politics that relies on candor isn’t supposed to work, and it’s really not supposed to work when the subject is fiscal catastrophe and what that means for the average public employee. And yet it works. That’s why this guy gets such a wide berth among righties notwithstanding his squishiness on immigration and gun control, etc. Not only is he willing to make politically toxic cuts, he’s remarkably good at selling them. When was the last time you saw a crowd applaud a governor for essentially telling a cop who’s feeling crunched financially, “Tough”?

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