Saturday, January 15, 2011

Barack Obama - #2561 - Rush: Arizona Memorial T-Shirt Slogan Came From DNC's Organizing For America -The Blaze (2) Barack Obama's 2012 Cash Challenge - Billion Dollar Campaign - Politico (3) Feds Threaten to Sue States Over Union Laws - Yahoo News

The presence of tee-shirts branded with the tragedy of last weekend’s Arizona shootings raised the eyebrows of many onlookers who worried the shooting was being subjected to politicization. A group of Arizona students has taken credit for the tee-shirt design and motto, but many are suggesting the “Together We Thrive” motto actually came from Organizing for America, the campaign arm of the Democratic National Committee. During his Friday radio program, conservative host Rush Limbaugh noted the coincidence. Indeed, on the Obama for America 2008 campaign site, the slogan was used by one Obama supporter to rail against American capitalism: To read rest of article and listen to Rush's audio on this........

Barack's Obama's 2012 Cash Challenge - Billion Dollar Campaign - Politico - Bracing for a half-billion-dollar onslaught of outside GOP cash in 2012, President Barack Obama’s advisers are quietly working to bring back together the major donor base that produced a record-breaking fundraising haul in his first run for president.In the past few months, Democratic National Committee aides have contacted several of Obama’s earliest financial backers to brainstorm about when and where to host the first money-raising events. Several big donors said they expect the Obama 2012 operation to open its doors this spring, with a string of fundraisers to generate the early cash needed to rebuild the president’s high-tech campaign operation. But already some of Obama’s top financial backers are warning the White House: Raising money won’t be as easy this time around.  Read more.........

Feds Threaten to Sue States Over Union Laws - Yahoo - The National Labor Relations Board on Friday threatened to sue Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah over constitutional amendments guaranteeing workers the right to a secret ballot in union elections.  The agency's acting general counsel, Lafe Solomon, said the amendments conflict with federal law, which gives employers the option of recognizing a union if a majority of workers sign cards that support unionizing.  The amendments, approved Nov. 2, have taken effect in South Dakota and Utah, and will do so soon in Arizona and South Carolina.  Business and anti-union groups sought the amendments, arguing that such secrecy is necessary to protect workers against union intimidation. They are concerned that Congress might enact legislation requiring employers to allow the "card check" process for forming unions instead of secret ballot elections.  Read more.........  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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