Saturday, January 1, 2011

Abortion - #2524 - MTV's Teen Abortion Sales Pitch: It's Just "A Ball of Cells" - Redstate

In July of this year, leftist Feminists were openly, and proudly, rooting for an abortion to be portrayed on prime-time television. And in April of this year, leftist Feminists like Jessica Valenti of Feministing were grossly bemoaning the fact that Mtv’s show, 16 and Pregnant, did not portray any teenage girls having abortions. They wanted sixteen year old girls to have abortions......On Tuesday night, they got their wish. Mtv ran a special called “No Easy Decision”, in which Markai, a girl who had previously appeared on 16 and Pregnant, learned that she was pregnant again. And she terminated the pregnancy baby’s life. And, it turns out, the show was even worse than I suspected it would be. It was infuriating and horrifying, almost beyond words. It was also heartbreaking beyond belief. My heart aches for Markai, and for the other girls (Natalia and Katie) who appeared in the discussion portion of the show......Abortion will not, and should not, ever be “normal.” Because, Motherhood is normal to humans and so is nurturing. Rejoicing in the miracle of giving life yourself and then nurturing that life once given. That is within us; it’s instinct and female human nature. It is something of which to be proud and it should be honored, not diminished. It is an attribute and a gift, not a punishment. If Markai, Natalia and Katie realize this one day, I fear that their pain and guilt will be nearly unbearable. Not only were lives lost, but other lives were potentially traumatized forever. Somehow, I don’t think MTv, nor 16 and Loved will be there for them then. And that’s yet another horrifying aspect of No Easy Decision. Read entire article.......

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