Thursday, December 30, 2010

New York City Snowstorm- #2519 - VIDEO: NYC Councilman Repeats Charges of Sanitation "Snow Slowdown' Hot Air (2) John Hayward: Was the Snow Blizzard Response Deliberate? Human Events (3) Freezing Brits Steamed Over New Green Boilers - American Thinker

New York Councilman Repeats Charges of Sanitation "Snow Slowdown" - Hot Air - A follow-up to the story du jour. Note that Halloran’s limiting his accusation to Queens, not extending it to all five boroughs, which adds credibility in my mind. And yet, as much as we might want to dump the body count in the lap of the sanitation union, I’m not so sure callous public employee greed can explain this one. Simple idiocy is usually enough to explain government performance, and so too in this case perhaps: At 3:58 a.m. on Christmas Day, the National Weather Service upgraded its alert about the snow headed to New York City, issuing a winter storm watch.  By 3:55 p.m., it had declared a formal blizzard warning, a rare degree of alarm. But city officials opted not to declare a snow emergency — a significant mobilization that would have, among other things, aided initial snow plowing efforts…........The decision would have far-reaching consequences: because of a quirk in the transit agency’s system, the plan chosen on Friday stays in effect all weekend. And the agency would not officially make the switch to Plan 4 until 11 a.m. on Sunday, when snow was already building up on the streets. Because the agency had opted for the modest response, several important aspects of rescue operations and disaster preparedness — diesel trains and other heavy machinery, like trains that blow snow off tracks or spray antifreeze on the third rail — were not automatically deployed. Read entire article.......

John Hayward - Human Events - Was the Snow Blizzard Response Deliberate? The Story that will change America, if true - New Yorkers have been complaining about the slow response from city authorities to this week’s massive snowstorm, especially the poor condition of city streets. Blocked streets have been blamed for several deaths, including a baby born in the lobby of an apartment building, who died when emergency crews could not reach the scene........... There’s one other possibility the Times is reluctant to discuss, but the rival NY Post is running as an exclusive: the sanitation union has been deliberately sabotaging snow removal efforts, because they’re angry about the aforementioned budget cuts, and were looking for revenge against Bloomberg. .........And if it’s true, it could be the beginning of the end of the union movement in the United States. It would be the story of the decade, provoking outrage across the country. New Yorkers are furious about the baffling failures of management that brought the city to a halt, causing a billion dollars in economic damage. Everyone knows about people dying from those snow-covered streets. If these incidents turn out to be negligent homicide, every union hall in America will be shaken by the aftershock. Let the fact-checking of the Post exclusive begin.  Read more........

Freezing Brits Steamed Over New Green Boilers - American Thinker - Five years ago the global warming crowd and their comrades in the Labour Party mandated the use of new green technology boilers in Great Britain. Government and environmental experts said that the ‘condensing boilers’ would not only greatly reduce the consumer’s carbon footprint, but would also lower their heating bills. Saving money and saving the planet, what could be better?  The UK Daily Mail reports that during the recent record cold spell in Great Britain, tens of thousands of people were without heat due to a serious flaw in the new boiler’s design.......It’s all the more infuriating because the problem causing these breakdowns is so simple. In cold weather, the pipe that takes waste water from the back of the condensing boiler-which isn’t there in a normal boiler-freezes solid, shutting down the system and in many cases causing permanent damage.......The condensing boilers were designed to recycle the CO2 emissions and steam that would normally be vented outside and then feed it back into the system through the waste water pipe. The new system was touted to increase efficiency by as much as 93%.  In 2005 Labour deputy PM John Prescott made the condensing boiler mandate a key part of his plan to meet the CO2 reduction targets called for in the Kyoto Protocol. Three years later in an effort to sell the green technology boondoggle to the people, the government initiated a program which paid homeowners £ 400 towards the purchase and installation of the new boilers.  Read entire article.........  We need to be cautious of the EPA and any forthcoming regulations in the heating equipment in an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions, especially those with incentives to purchase as the government often implements.

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