Thursday, December 30, 2010

Liberals - #2517 - The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked - American Thinker

Ever notice how liberals like to spend money...particularly other people's money?  If you've ever found yourself engaged in debate with a liberal in an attempt to convince him that government spending is out of control, you know it's often an exercise in frustration. This is especially true when your liberal invokes his holier-than-thou conviction that the supposed good he is intent on imposing upon the world -- both domestically and internationally -- must trump any financial considerations you may introduce into the debate.  Well, fret no more. Here's a surefire formula to stop any liberal dead in his tracks: a series of four questions that every liberal must be asked. It involves a few mathematical exercises, the effects of which are guaranteed to negate whatever Keynesian psycho-babble may have infected a liberal's neuronal functioning. I have found this bottom-line number-crunching to be the best form of deprogramming for whatever Kool-Aid the Obamanomics crowd has been ingesting. 
The four questions are:
What is total spending of the federal budget?
What is the federal deficit?
What is the national debt?
What was the most recent interest payment on the national debt?  
Read entire article....   Not only are these questions great debate points, but also offers great education in this area for all of us to know instantly in discussions with others, AW.

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