Monday, December 13, 2010

Lame-Duck Session - #2470 - House and Senate Cloakroom: December 13-17, 2010 - Heritage Foundation (2) To Get DREAM Act Over It's First Hurdle, Timing Was Everything - The Hill

A Summary of the Possible Schedule for the Upcoming Week:  The House is scheduled to be in session this week but the agenda is unclear as a waiting game ensues to see what action the Senate takes on the proposed tax relief deal framework proposed by the Obama administration. Right now there is no sealed tax deal in place and many contentious issues must be resolved if there is a chance of the bill being able to move through the House and  Senate next week as both sides of the aisle have significant disagreements. Work must also be completed in the Senate with the House version of the continuing appropriations through the end of the fiscal year bill that was passed last week by the House. More than likely, an overarching omnibus measure drafted by Senate appropriators will be substituted for the text of the House passed bill. Reports are saying that the omnibus bill in the Senate will provide funding at level in line with the president’s FY 2011 request, which would total approximately $1.13 trillion as opposed to $1.09 trillion in the House-approved CR. Major Floor Action: Read more.......

To Get DREAM Act Over It's First Hurdle, Timing Was Everything - The Hill - When House Democrats last week passed the DREAM Act before the Senate had staged its vote, the timing was no accident. Instead, the chronology was part of a carefully designed strategy — orchestrated, with some tension, between the two chambers — to grant the proposal its greatest shot at success. The fast-evolving process required behind-the-scenes scheduling changes; an eleventh-hour hearing; constant lobbying from supporters; and a risky-but-successful show of procedural gymnastics in the Senate — all aimed at lending momentum to the hot-button bill in hopes of enacting it by month's end. In short, supporters say, the process has infused life into the policy. "It actually gives us a chance to win," said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, an advocacy group lobbying for the bill. Adey Fisseha, policy attorney for the National Immigration Law Center, echoed that message. "It makes it real, and it increases the pressure," Fisseha said. "They thought they had the votes. They wanted to lock it in. And they did." Read more....... You need to read this entire article and you will appreciate all that all the hard work we accomplished last year was so worth the effort to try to prevent this from occurring in 2011.

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