Friday, December 10, 2010

Lame-Duck Session - #2463- Crash and Burn: Don't Ask - Don't Tell Repeal Fails, 57-40 - Hot Air (2) Senate Republicans Block Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Washington Times

They had 60 votes in the bank, with Brown, Collins, and Murkowski all promising to vote yes if they could reach an agreement with Reid on debate time and amendments. He spent a day negotiating with them and then gave up, choosing to ignore their demands and force a vote by bringing the bill to the floor anyway. And it worked! … in Collins’s case. Brown and Murky voted no but she ended up voting yes, even though (a) Reid gave her nothing in return and (b) she pledged last week not to approve any bills until the tax cuts deal is settled. So not only is she exposed as a liar and a chump, she didn’t even get a successful repeal here as a consolation prize. That makes her our official sucker of the day, with Reid a close second for not delaying this vote until after the tax deal is done, when there might be time to satisfy Brown’s and Murkowki’s procedural demands. Take note, gay activists: He’s happy to postpone a vote on DREAM to improve its chances of passing, but when it comes to DADT, the mere gesture of a vote will suffice. No wonder the chair of GOProud is so angry with him. Read more.......

Senate Republicans Block Don't Ask Don't Tell - Washington Times -  Republicans effectively ended the Democrats' last chance to overturn the military's ban on gay troops Thursday in a procedural vote that likely puts the issue beyond Congress's reach for the foreseeable future.  The 57-40 vote left Democrats three votes shy of the 60 needed to overcome a filibuster and begin debate on the defense policy bill. Instead, the Senate won't pass a defense bill for the first time in decades — which Democrats said jeopardizes troops' pay raises, as well as leaving the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy in place.  Democrats were racing trying to act before the end of the year, when the GOP — which is generally opposed to overturning the policy — takes control of the House and ends the chances for action.  The 57 to 40 vote was along party lines except for two switchers; moderate Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine supported the measure, while Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted no.  Read more.........  Susan Collins broke the pledge she signed to not vote on any legislation until the Bush Tax Rates had been voted on.  Thanks Susan!

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