Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lame-Duck Session - #2456- VIDEO: Angry Obama on Tax Cuts: GOP are "Hostage Takers," Liberals Are "Sanctimonious;" Update: Pelosi Didn't Know Deal Would be Announced? - Hot Air

Ace’s co-blogger DrewM had the best take on this afternoon’s presser turned mini-meltdown: “Man, if Obama is Spock, he’s in the middle of the Pon Farr.” Two clips for you, the first of him snottily reprising Bob Menendez’s terrorist analogy by comparing Republicans to “hostage-takers” on taxes — and then using that to justify his decision to negotiate with them(!). Note to The One: Probably not a good idea for America’s top law enforcement officer and military commander-in-chief to broadcast the fact that he’ll come to the table only if you play rough enough with him.  The second clip’s the one to watch, though. He put his presidency on the line to grant the left its eternal wish of universal health care, and they’ve rewarded him ever since by … shrieking endlessly about the public option. His bitter annoyance at their perceived ingratitude is palpable, and with good reason: As Philip Klein notes, tax hikes come and tax hikes go but new welfare state entitlements are forever.

Liberals are enraged at Obama for caving into Republicans on the tax rates, but as a conservative, if I had to choose either one, I would have much preferred letting the tax rates expire to creating the massive new health care entitlement. Over the decades, tax rates have gone up and down, but politicians — not even Ronald Reagan — have made a dent in entitlement spending. National health care has long been a dream of liberals, and while they didn’t get all the way with this one piece of legislation, it does put us on the road to becoming a European-style welfare state. Its existence also makes it impossible to reform entitlements on market-friendly terms, given that health care is the key factor that’s driving up the cost of government.  Read more and to see both video clips........

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