Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lame-Duck Session - #2446 - The Lame Duck Cubicle: A Warning - Redstate (2) VIDEO: Democrats Play Politics, Ignore Economy - Republican Senate

This article from the WSJ provides us with a look of the final special indignities being heaped upon those legislators of the 111th Congress who will not be joining their colleagues for the 112th Congress. Essentially, said legislators have been removed from their offices and relegated to a temporary cubicle farm in the bowels of the House office building. They get two chairs apiece (plus space for two more staffers elsewhere), a phone line, office supplies… and, for those who weren’t retiring anyway, no doubt the furtive, repulsion-based pity of their peers. There’s over ninety freshmen Members of Congress coming in next year, after all: and almost seventy of those freshmen represent flipped seats. So there’s no real interest in keeping folks out of the cubicle farm. I bring all of this up because there are two things that I would like to note towards House freshmen (and their staffers) in this matter. The first thing is, Isn’t this great? The second is, DON’T. LET THIS HAPPEN. TO YOU.…because it will if Republican legislators take the wrong lesson from this.  Read more.......   Lame-Duck sessions are the most unrepresentative of all actions taken by the United States Congress, particularly if the majority has been handed their pink slip by the American voter. The use of the term comes from England around 1761, referencing investors unable to "pony up" and pay their debt obligations to others. These sessions allow a group of politicians rejected by the American people to pass legislation without having to be concerned about what the voters think, because they will not have to pay for their actions at the ballot box. We passed the 20th Amendment in 1932, as stated in a Washington Post article at the time to, "eliminate the legislative influence of Senators and  Representatives whose constituencies have already repudiated them." This Amendment moved the inauguration up to January from March to limit legislative mischief. We have had only 14 of these "short sessions" since 1940.
November 2nd did come, resulting in an historic election by any standards, and a strong rebuke of the Democratic Party. The voter rejected how the Democrat's conducted their legislating, and the marxist nature of legislation they signed into law. So here sits Tom Perreillo and all the other voter rejected Democrat politicians, literally removed from their offices, clustered together in the bowels of the congressional building waiting to take to the floor and vote, as directed by Nancy Pelosi. Taking his voting orders now from Nancy is not a change from Tom's two years of "representing the 5TH District", but now we have no voice, nor action we can take against him for these votes in the lame-Duck session. How you get a basement full of a soon to be unemployed politicians to vote as directed by their house leadership must be of paramount concern. Be vigilant during this lame-duck session, it represents the ultimate grease for the revolving door between politicians and K-Street.  Commentary and article contributed by Steve Peters.

Democrats Play Politics, Ignore Economy - Republican Senate - Americans are begging Congress to use the lame-duck session to focus on jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, Democrats would rather play politics and consider special-interest legislation than take action to prevent tax hikes, lower the deficit, and spur job growth.  You will at least enjoy the duck in this video clip.

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