Monday, December 13, 2010

House of Representatives 2011 - #2469 - Virginia Emerges as a Bellwether - Richmond Times-Dispatch (2) Tea Party Freshmen Get High-Profile Committee Slots - Hot Air (3) Robert Hurt Named to House Financial Services Committee

Sandwiched between the Democrats' disappointing 2002 election cycle and their 2010 "shellacking," the party made significant gains during the three mid-decade intervening elections of 2004, 2006 and 2008. And nowhere were the party's gains more impressive than in four states: Colorado, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia. This quartet of states has emerged as a purple battleground over which the two major parties recently have fought for political supremacy and, by extension, majority status nationally. And they are an interesting mix of states, at that: Colorado is a fast-growing interior West state with a sizable Hispanic population; New Hampshire is an iconoclastic New England state whose southern counties have been steadily colonized by Boston suburbanites; Ohio is an aging, post-industrial Midwest state that steadily has lost jobs and residents to other parts of the country; and Virginia is a split-personality state coupling a white, conservative Appalachian spine and a multiethnic, Northern Virginia tech-park explosion. Fortunate that neither of the state's two Senate seats was on the ballot, Democrats nevertheless lost a tested veteran and two promising rookies from its House delegation. Fourteen-term incumbent Rep. Rick Boucher, who had survived bad Democratic cycles in the past, could not survive the 2010 wave, losing to H. Morgan Griffith in the 9th District. Freshmen Glenn Nye and Tom Perriello were also deprived of second terms — with Perriello's defeat especially painful because he was pegged as a rising young star from a New South district, and Obama made a special effort to rescue him in thanks for Perriello's loyal support on key House votes. Read more...... Article contributed by Steve Peters.

Tea Party Freshmen Get High-Profile Committee Slots - Hot Air -    If the assignment of House committee chairs provided a letdown to Tea Party activists, especially on Appropriations with Hal Rogers, the assignment of newly-open seats on critical committees looks more like a win. Twenty-two freshmen Representatives have won seats on Appropriations, Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Financial Services, and most of those won their elections with heavy Tea Party backing:  Most of the 22 House Republican freshmen-to-be selected to sit on much-coveted, A-list committees won their races with Tea Party backing.  The House Republican Steering Committee last week added the incoming members to the rosters of four powerful committees: Appropriations, Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce and Financial Services.  House Republicans believe they were swept into power on Nov. 2 by a powerful anti-Washington wave of voter frustration over the amount of federal spending and a stagnant job market.  Speaker-to-be John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his fellow GOP leaders and representatives on the House Steering Committee ensured that members of the largest GOP freshmen class in 70 years were given spots on influential panels.  Read more.......

Robert Hurt Named to House Financial Services Committee - Congressman-elect Robert Hurt announced today that the House Republican Steering Committee has recommended him by appointment to the Committee on Financial Services for the 112th Congress. The Financial Services Committee has jurisdiction over all aspects of the nation’s financial and housing sectors, and the Committee will play an important role in moving our economy forward. Following today’s announcement, Congressman-elect Hurt issued the below statement: “I am honored to be given the opportunity to represent the interests of Central and Southside Virginians on the Financial Services Committee. “As the Committee seeks to tackle the critical economic issues that directly affect the people of the 5th District, I am committed to supporting policies that will increase businesses’ access to capital, reduce the regulatory burden on the Main Street banks that are the lifeblood of small businesses, and protect taxpayers by reforming government-sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. “It is my top priority to work towards a true and sustainable economic recovery for the 5th District and our nation as a whole, and I look forward to addressing these very important issues on this Committee and in the new Congress.” Financial Services Committee Chairman-elect Spencer Bachus (R-AL) issued the following statement: “We welcome Congressman-elect Hurt as a valuable addition to the Financial Services Committee. Robert’s wealth of experience promoting policies that foster economic growth and job creation will serve the Committee well. With the important work we have ahead, Robert will provide valuable insights as we help rebuild our economy and end taxpayer-funded bailouts. I look forward to working with him in the 112th Congress.”

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