Monday, December 13, 2010

Haiti - #2472 - VIDEO: Sarah Palin with Franklin Graham of Samaritan's Purse Giving Out Christmas Shoe Boxes (2) Sarah Palin Calls for Aid Drops in Haiti - The Right Scoop

This is a video that Samaritan’s Purse put together that shows Franklin Graham, Sarah Palin, and Greta van Susteren at a clinic in Haiti:

While others are frothing at the mouth over the fact that Sarah Palin brought a hairstylist to Haiti with her, even though it’s actually her daughter Bristol, she is trying to get more people to pay attention to Haiti now that she’s seen it for herself. She says it’s much worse than she thought and wants the military to air drop necessary aid to help with this cholera outbreak. This should send Sergeant Shultz into a fit of rage tonight, I’m sure. How dare she use her celebrity to call for more aid to Haiti! HOW. DARE. SHE!

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