Saturday, December 18, 2010

Glenn Beck - #2484 - "Miracle in Wilmington, Ohio" - Glenn Beck TV Show - 12/17/10 - Fox

Glenn Beck TV Show - "Miracle in Wilmington," Ohio - 12/17/10 - Earlier this week, we celebrated America's First Christmas in Wilmington, OH. We celebrated a town coming together to celebrate their unbreakable spirit. It was two Christmases ago that Wilmington was hit by a self-described economic tsunami as DHL closed their factory doors. 7,500 people out of the town's 12,000 residents found themselves unemployed- just in time for Christmas. Wilmington had a either become Pottersville or Bedford Falls. They chose the latter. Tonight, see some of Glenn's stage show from Wilmington and get to know some of the residents.

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