Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glenn Beck - #2478 -VIDEO: "America's First Christmas" - Glenn Beck TV Show -12/15/10 - Fox (2) Santa Beck Brings 'America's 1st Christmas to Wilmington, Ohio - The Blaze (3) VIDEO: Ohio Media Praises Beck's Wilmington Visit - The Blaze

Glenn Beck TV Show - "America's First Christmas" - 12/15/10 - Glenn is on the road tonight live from Wilmington, OH to bring you the special event 'America's First Christmas'. Tonight's special 'Glenn Beck Program' comes to you live from Wilmington's Murphy theater. Couldn't make it tonight to Wilmington? Don’t worry, The Daily Beck and Insider Extreme have you covered! Watch the full Fox show here, then turn it over to Insider Extreme to watch Glenn take the stage live from the Murphy Theater on Wilmington’s Main Street for “America’s First Christmas" as Glenn brings us back to the true meaning of Christmas.  
Photos: The Road to "America's First Christmas..........
With everything going on in Washington, we must not lose what the meaning of Christmas means to all of us.  This is the 2nd year Congress has tried to ruin what is a very special time of year.  This show will help give you a balance to the chaos in Washington.  

Santa Beck Brings 'America's 1st Christmas to Wilmington, Ohio - The Blaze - Wilmington, Ohio, is a small town with a big heart. What better place, then, could Glenn Beck highlight the true meaning of Christmas? Glenn performed his radio and TV shows before live, local audiences. Later in the evening, Glenn performed a full stage show with lots of stories and Christmas spirit. Insider Extreme members were able to watch the show live in prime time. With special guests such as Andy Williams, Janine Turner, Ted Nugent, Dr. Alveda King, Buzz Aldrin and Peter Billingsley sharing their favorite Christmas memories, and, of course, Santa himself making a cameo appearance, Glenn (in his footie pajamas) highlighted the true meaning of Christmas and encouraged Americans to “start over” — to reset our priorities and reconnect with what is really important.Fortunately, for those of us who couldn’t make it to snowy Ohio, Beck’s Insider Extreme members stayed warm watching the inspiration program from the comfort of their own couches.  To see all the photos.........

Ohio Media Praises Beck's Wilmington Visit - The Blaze - Don’t tell the mainstream media outside Wilmington, but the local media there is giving Beck glowing reviews as he travels around the city using it as a model for recovering municipalities. And it seems his goal of boosting the local economy and bringing people together is working. Here’s how the local media is reporting on the visit (emphasis mine). From Fox 19: Local businesses say they are thrilled to have the extra attention and revenue. Many restaurants opened as early as 7:00 a.m. to serve coffee and breakfast. Food vendors are even braving the low temperatures to sell on the sidewalk and it’s working. Granny’s Country Cupboard says it expects sales to increase by 90 percent.  Read more.........  This is a great video overview of the impact of Glenn Beck bringing his show to Wilmington, you will enjoy this, only 4 minutes, wish we had made the effort to go, looks like a very memorable Christmas memory.

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