Monday, December 6, 2010

FCC- #2449 - FCC Commissioners Demand Authority Over Campaign Financing, Free Internet, Power Grab: Calls for Gov. Run 'Values Test,' Programming and Scheduling of TV - Hot Air

Here’s your FCC at work, ensuring that freedom of speech and property rights are defended on America’s airwaves. Just kidding! The Blaze and Naked Emperor News has two clips of FCC commissioners demanding unprecedented authority over prior restraint of speech and seizure of private property in order to satisfy their ideas of — you guessed it — “diversity.” First we have Michael Copps, who last week demanded not only the authority to enforce campaign-finance reform (usually the purview of the FEC), but also the authority to order music stations to broadcast news shows, and for networks to give up 25% of prime-time air to locally-produced shows:

In September, Mignon Clyburn has decided that free health care works so well that the government should mandate free Internet as well: There is little doubt that the impulse towards charity can sometimes, as in the anecdote offered by Clyburn, tilt toward the patronizing, but that’s hardly more insulting than seizing the property of others for redistribution by the government. No one has a “civil right” to free access to someone else’s property or product. The Internet isn’t a monopoly; it’s an interconnected series of private networks with multiple levels of competitive offerings for access to them. The FCC has no jurisdiction to redistribute private property.  I can't even imagine where we would be six months from now, if we had not been successful in winning back a majority in the House of Representatives.  Read more.........

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