Friday, December 17, 2010

Bush Tax Rates - #2482 - Tax Cuts Armageddon in the House; Update: Estate Tax Amendment Fails; UPDATE: FINAL BILL PASSES - HOT AIR

Am I mistaken or is this the biggest vote in the House since ObamaCare in March? Surely it’s the biggest for The One himself, whose last vestiges of prestige are on the line. As I write this, they’re in the middle of three hours of floor debate on the bill. C-SPAN says a final vote is expected at around 11 p.m., but the whole package could be dead before then if liberals somehow cobble together enough support to pass Pomeroy’s estate tax amendment. No word yet on when that vote’s scheduled, but it’s worth tuning in now to make sure you watch it come off. If the amendment passes, the White House will instantly be in War Room mode. A major subplot here: Whither the approval rating of one of the most widely reviled institutions in modern American life? If the deal collapses, I figure Congress will finally break through the 10 percent floor. If they hold it together, we might see a bounce all the way up to a breezy 20 percent. Stay tuned. Update: At 11:37 p.m., Pomeroy’s amendment is down in flames. As I write this, it’s 190-230. All Republicans thus far have voted no, along with 59 Democrats. Not close, really; I’ll bet the Blue Dogs savored every minute of sticking it to the left after last month’s election.  Now it’s on to a vote on the final bill. With the margin on this vote this wide, there’s practically no chance that that one will fail.
Update: Final tally on Pomeroy’s amendment is 194-233. Now onto the big one.
Update: It’s a merry Christmas for The One. 225-120 as I write this, which is already more than enough for a majority with almost 100 congressmen still to vote. The GOP delivered big for Obama, with 120 yeses thus far compared to only 28 no’s. Among Democrats, it’s 114 to 96 at the moment. Stand by for the final tally and, eventually, the roll.
Update: Ed’s suggested headline on Twitter: “President Obama successfully whips Dem caucus to endorse Bush tax policy.” In fact, they’re already at 269 yeses with a few minutes left to go in the vote. Dave Weigel notes that the original Bush tax cuts passed with only 230 yeses. Progress!
Update: A total landslide as the gavel comes down: 277-148. Among Democrats, it’s 139 yea and 112 nay. Among the GOP, 138 versus just 36. Stand by for the roll to see how everyone voted.

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