Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barack Obama - #2476 - Obama White House to Recycle Defeated Dems (Tom Perriello) - Hot Air (2) He Sent Guerrilas: Puppet Master George Soros - Influence and Funding of USA Financial Reform - 'Revolution' - The Blaze

The midterm elections have retreated far enough in the rear-view mirror to allow Barack Obama to conduct a shake-up of his staff at the White House and argue that it had nothing to do with suffering a historic loss. Politico reports that major personnel changes will come at the end of the year to fix the “chaotic” organization put in place by Rahm Emanuel. Fortunately, the Obama administration has a new talent pool from which to draw: President Barack Obama has delayed the most significant staff shuffle of his presidency until after New Year’s — but the changes may be more sweeping than anticipated and could include the hiring of high-profile Democrats defeated in the midterms........The idea of recycling defeated Democrats seems the most amusing strategy I’ve seen in politics since … well, since the President strategized that attending a Christmas party was more important than finishing up a joint press conference with Bill Clinton. Has it occurred to the President’s staff that voters didn’t want these Democrats in government any longer when they voted for their opponents? Instead of listening to voters, hiring a slew of defeated incumbents to run the executive branch is akin to sticking a thumb in the eye of the electorate.......However, Obama apparently also wants job openings for defeated House incumbents Tom Perriello of Virginia and Steve Dreihaus and John Boccieri of Ohio. Given that all three got spanked in the election fairly hard, the idea of adding them to reconnect to the electorate sounds very much like a White House and President in denial.  Just when we thought we had voted Tom out, he just might appear again.......... in the White House.  Read entire article........

He sent Guerrillas"  Puppet Master George Soros - Influence and funding of USA Financial Reform - 'Revolution' - The Blaze.   

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