Saturday, December 4, 2010

Barack Obama - #2445 - The Full Cost of the Drilling Moratorium - Hot Air (2) State Controlled Russian Company Set to Take Over Wyoming Uranium Mines - The Blaze (3) The Senate's Secret Santa - Heritage Foundation

While the original story of the new drilling moratorium was covered here at Hot Air, the new unemployment numbers which came out this week highlight an even more disturbing aspect of this proposal by the administration. Jack Gerard of the American Petroleum Institute (API) sent out a rather graphic warning to President Obama on Wednesday which laid out the danger of such a decision. Jack Gerard warned that the administration’s decision today not to allow offshore drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and the Pacific in the government’s next five-year drilling plan could result in the loss of tens of thousands of American jobs, billions less in government revenues and an increasing dependence on foreign energy sources. In a longer study compiled by API, some of the alarming facts and figures are brought to light.  Read more........

State Controlled Russin Company Set to Take Over Wyoming Uranium Mines - The Blaze -  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved the license transfer of two Wyoming mines to a Russian company, despite concerns over national security raised by local and national government officials including senior House Republicans.  From the Telegram:  Two uranium mines in Wyoming are on their way to control by a Russian company now that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved transferring the mines’ licenses.  The NRC last week approved the license transfer to a Russian company known as ARMZ which expects to obtain a controlling interest in Canadian-owned Uranium One by year’s end. Uranium One holds the licenses for a proposed uranium mine and an existing uranium mine in northeast Wyoming.  The approval comes despite concerns from local and national lawmakers. Bother groups worry that Wyoming’s uranium could in theory go overseas and serve against U.S. interests.  “The administration must maintain rigorous oversight of this project and ensure this transaction does not undercut America’s national or energy security,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., said through a spokeswoman Tuesday.  Read more...........  This story scares me to death, we have a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf and East Coast for 7 years, but turn over 2 uranium mines over to the Russians?

The Senate's Secret Santa -  Heritage Foundation - Today the Labor Department released its monthly jobs report, which showed that the U.S. economy added an anemic 39,000 jobs this month and that the nation’s unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent. That marks the 19th month in a row that the unemployment has been over 9 percent, a post–World War II record.  So how is this lame duck Congress, a Congress that was thoroughly rejected at the polls just last month, greeting this news? By raising taxes on the American people by $700 billion. Is this what the American people want? Not at all. According to Gallup, only 31 percent of Americans believe the best approach for dealing with the economy is raising taxes. The vast majority of Americans (62 percent) believe that the best way to fix the economy is either through deficit reduction (39 percent) or lower taxes (23 percent). But neither of those items is on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D–NV) agenda.  So what legislative gifts is Reid planning on giving the American people this Christmas? No one knows for sure, but Reid’s wish list is long; New START, Higher Spending, Higher Taxes, Higher Energy Prices, Amnesty,  Read more of the details of each one of Reids gifts to us...........

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