Monday, November 22, 2010

Senate Race 2012 - #2517 - Updated: Virginia GOP Chooses Primary over Convention for 2012 Senate Race - Virginia Politics - Washington Post (2) The Next Fight- Jim Webb, Newsweek (3) Untangling Webb - American Spectator

Virginia's Republican Party will hold a primary to nominate its candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2012, not a convention. The GOP's State Central Committee decided on a primary Saturday while meeting at the Republican Advance in McLean (That's the party's annual retreat, so named because they believe the party doesn't retreat, only advance. Get it?) The vote is a sign of support for former governor and senator George Allen, who has said he is weighing an attempt to regain the seat he lost to U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D) in 2006. A primary is widely believed to favor Allen because he has strong name recognition throughout the state and would have the easiest time raising money, a significant advantage in a primary. A convention might have favored other candidates whom die-hard Republican convention delegates might have perceived as more conservative. Those potential candidates include Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), Prince William Supervisor Chairman Corey Stewart and Bert Mizusawa, a Hampton Roads businessman who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Congress this year. Read more.......

The Next Fight - A conservative Democrat Reassesses the Political Battlefield - Newsweek - Sen. James Webb, above, is being uncharacteristically coy about his plans for the 2012 election. On Veterans Day a crowd of 300 or so Virginians gathered in a tent on the grounds of the estate of Gen. George C. Marshall. They were there to commemorate what they still regard as their unappreciated service in Vietnam, a war gone bad through no fault of their own. .  Read more.......  He talks like a conservative, and he MAY be more conservative then some others in his party, but he votes with Harry Reid at a HIGHER PERCENTAGE then Tom Perriello voted with Nancy Pelosi.......about 94%. We all know what the Virginia voters did to Tom, and the same thing will happen to Mr. Webb IF he decides to run.  Article and commentary contributed by Steve Peters.

Untangling Webb - American Spectator - To get a sense of how disastrously wrong things have gone for Barack Obama and his party, look no further than Virginia. The only Southern state to vote against Jimmy Carter in 1976, it had seen Democrats make steady gains here for the better part of the last decade.  Democrats captured the governorship in 2001 and held it fairly easily in 2005. Over the next two election cycles, the Democrats won both U.S. Senate seats, took control of the state senate, and picked up three House seats to dominate Virginia's congressional delegation. The Washington Post brayed "that this once conservative Southern state is starting to become blue in areas beyond left-leaning Northern Virginia." In 2008, Obama became the first Democratic presidential nominee to carry Virginia since 1964.  Read more......  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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