Saturday, November 20, 2010

Robert Hurt - #2514 - Congressmen-elect From Central and Western Virginia Completed First Week in Washington-WDBJ7 (2) House Freshmen Try Luck in Office Lottery - CBS News (3) Robert Hurt's Statement on House Republicans Adopting an Earmark Ban for the 112th Congress

 The area's new Congressmen have completed a week of orientation in Washington. Both are closer to announcing staff members, and moving into offices on Capitol Hill. 5th District Congressman-elect Robert Hurt was last in line to choose his office. He drew number 85 in the office lottery, but Friday afternoon he told News 7 the space he'll occupy in the Longworth Building will suit his staff and constituents "just fine." "It was a nice surprise," Hurt said after visiting the office. "We just came down from there and I think that anybody who comes to see us... will be comfortable." Both he and 9th District Congressman-elect Morgan Griffith say they're ready to hit the ground running. "I want to make sure I learn how this process works, not just assume I already know everything because I don't," Griffith told us in a phone interview Friday afternoon. "That being said I do believe we'll be a little bit ahead of the curve." "This is not a time to sit on the hands or sit on the back row," Hurt said. "This is a time for action and I'm committed to that." Griffith said he's hired someone to run his Washington office, and is now assembling the rest of the staff that will work with him in Washington and in the 9th District. He promised formal announcements later. He did not appear in Friday's freshman photograph on the steps of The Capitol. It was postponed earlier in the week and Griffith left on a family vacation before the picture was taken. He did fare better in the lottery, however, receiving the ninth pick for his new office. Hurt told us the highlight of his day was an unexpected meeting with a group of students from Pittsylvania County. Hurt said he was walking through Statuary Hall Friday morning when he ran into a group of 5th graders from Kentuck Elementary School.

House Freshmen Try Luck in Office Lottery - CBS News - Members of the incoming freshman class of the House of Representatives finished their nearly one week orientation in Washington, DC today. They started their morning bright and early with a bus ride from their hotel to the Capitol for the freshman class picture.  Each member-to- be clearly took pains with their appearance for the photograph. Many of the women wore bright red or blue. Many of the men did the same for their tie choice. They smiled confidently for the official photographer and then for our TV cameras before randomly bursting into applause.  But these freshman had one more task before they could head home until January. Possibly the most important event of the week. Certainly the most vital to their personal comfort over the next two years.  The freshman office lottery. On the surface, it looks like a lot of fun. Bill Weidemeyer, the Superintendent of House Office Buildings, carefully laid out each of the eighty-five chips that read "House Office Building" and then a number as the freshmen gathered in the hearing room on the third floor of the Rayburn House Office Building. He then dropped them all into a box.  "House Office Building 1" is the most coveted chip. That means you get first pick. "House Office Building 85" is the worst.  The fun quickly becomes serious business. Picking last means members most likely end up on the fifth floor of the Cannon House Office Building: The dreaded floor known as the "freshman dorm."  Read more........ Fascinating article about the process of how offices are determined.  Unfortunately, Robert Hurt picked #85, see article above.

Robert Hurt's statement on House Republicans Adopting on Earmark Ban for the 112th Congress - Congressman-elect Robert Hurt issued the following statement today after the House Republican Conference voted to end earmarks for the 112th Congress:  “Voters delivered a clear message on Election Day that we must make a change in Washington and put an end to the out of control government spending that has led our nation down an unacceptable path of trillion dollar deficits and skyrocketing debt.  Washington’s reckless spending spree has only been fueled by the corrupt and wasteful earmark process, which is why I was proud to support and vote for the earmark ban in the Conference meeting today. “As we seek to take this first step in returning fiscal responsibility to our nation’s Capitol, it is my hope that President Obama and his fellow Democrats will take action and join House and Senate Republicans in this important effort to rein in government spending and restore the public trust.”

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