Friday, November 26, 2010

Rep. Fred Upton - 2425 - Oppose Fred Upton as Chair of Energy and Commerce Committee - Freedom Works

The new GOP majority is about to elect the powerful committee chairs who will dictate the new Congress’ agenda. One of the most important is the Energy and Commerce Committee chair, which has power over a broad swath of domestic economic policy. Big Government Republican Fred Upton is considered the front-runner in large part because he has been sitting in Congress a very long time—since 1987.  The good news? With over 20 years in Washington, Fred Upton has a very long voting record to let us know exactly what sort of politician he is. And if we’ve learned anything over the past 20 years it is to assess politicians on their record, not their rhetoric.  The bad news? Fred Upton’s record is full of votes for more regulation, more spending, and more taxes.  We need to let the new GOP majority know we won’t let business-as-usual fly by signing the petition below and calling the Republican Steering Committee members, who will decide whether or not Upton is given this powerful position.  For a long, long list of Fred Upton’s bad votes, which goes well beyond his bill telling us which light bulb he would allow us to use, click here. You’ll see:  Read more........

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