Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rep. Fred Upton - #2382 - Just Say No to Fred Upton - Potential Chair to House Energy & Commerce Committee - Redstate

Congressman Upton wants to Chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee. While I am a big fan of Congressman Barton, and he wants a waiver, I am not in favor of any waivers for House Committees and think the House GOP needs to choose someone other than Upton. Congressman Shimkus would be great. Joe Pitts (!!!!) would be awesome. And there are others. But of Upton, let’s review who we are dealing with. THIS IS THE MAN WHO CAME UP WITH THE IDEA TO BAN THE LIGHTBULB!!  Here is the rest of his sorry voting record: BAILOUTS - Voted YES for TARP, Voted YES on the auto bailout, Voted YES on Cash for Clunkers, SPENDING - Voted NO on 7 of the last 9 RSC Budgets,  Read more...,....  I Vote NO, just based on the light bulb ban alone.

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