Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Speaks Rally - #2401 - VIDEO from Fox News (2) VIDEO: Tim Phillips and Sen. DeMint Speak at Rally (3) Article: Sen. DeMint Rep. Bachmann, Pence, and Congressmen-elect Address AFP Activists on Hill on Earmarks, Spending and Lame Duck (4) Local Photos from Rally - 11/15/10

AFP's November Speaks Rally on Fox News.

Tim Phillips and Senator DeMint at November Speaks Rally.

Senator DeMint, Reps. Bachmann and Pence and Congressmen-elect address AFP activists on Hill on Earmarks, Spending and Lame Duck - Americans for Prosperity’s “November Speaks” event today, November 15, featured Sen. Jim DeMint, Reps. Michele Bachmann and Mike Pence, along with Congressmen-elect Frank Guinta (NH), Morgan Griffith (VA), Jeff Denham (CA), and Bob Gibbs (OH). Hundreds of AFP activists traveled to our nation’s capital to send a message to Congress on earmarks, spending, and the “Lame Duck” session. Tomorrow’s vote in the Senate Republican Conference will be Republicans’ first chance to show that they’re serious about reining in waste by placing a ban on all earmarks. In a show of support for the earmarks resolution, extending all current tax rates, and stopping an omnibus spending bill, Americans for Prosperity, Sen. DeMint, Reps. Michele Bachmann and Mike Pence, and several newly elected Congressmen addressed a group of grassroots activists on the lawn of the Capitol.  Read more.......

Photos from Rally contributed by Jane Kopp.

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