Sunday, November 28, 2010

Marriage - #2429 - Pew + Marriage = Confusion - American Thinker

Once again, the Pew Foundation has come out with a poll that has given liberals a sound bite moment. You've probably heard that 39% of Americans said that marriage is becoming obsolete. Yet as with the Pew poll on religion, a broader examination reveals results that liberals would like to ignore. Among them is a reference to a 2006 World Values Survey that showed that only 13% of Americans believed that marriage was an outdated institution.  It seems odd that in four years, the number of Americans who reject marriage would increase threefold. Perhaps the apparent change is due to how the Pew poll question was worded. The actual question was "Some people say that the present institution of marriage is becoming obsolete -- do you agree or disagree?" The first thing to note is that this is a push-poll type of question: the wording is going to raise concern in some individuals about being out of step or controversial if they disagree with the question's premise. After all, studies have shown that people will lie to pollsters to avoid appearing reactionary. Read more.......

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