Monday, November 8, 2010

Marco Rubio - #2377 - VIDEO: Rubio Gives GOP Address, Calls 2010 the "Republicans Second Chance" - Hot Air

Rubio Gives GOP Address - Calls 2010 the "Republican Second Chance." - If you want to see why Democrats feared Marco Rubio so much that they tried to stick a knife in the back of their own candidate to stop him, this video demonstrates just how powerful a figure he will become with a national platform on which to speak. The GOP may not have had a speaker like Rubio since Ronald Reagan, excelling at both the message and the mechanics of oratory — and even Reagan didn’t have this kind of compelling backstory. Rubio reminded listeners of his origins from a people exiled from their birthplace because of their desire for freedom, and the dream of a better life that is a “sacred duty” for this generation to deliver to the next, not to mortgage from the next generation for our own exploitation (via Freedom’s Lighthouse, transcript via Andrew Malcolm): Read more......

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