Monday, November 1, 2010

Health Care Bill HR3590 - #2361- Obamacare #2335 - VIDEO: Dr. David Janda Explains Rationing and Why Dr. Rob Steele Must Defeat Dingell - Steele for Congress-

Dr. David Janda Explains what will happen with the Health Care Bill - Obamacare -  when it goes into full effect, he also goes into detail about Coordinating Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research, and National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, please listen to what this bill will have in store for all of us.  Also what will happen to doctors who refuse to be part of the rationing of care for their patients contained in this bill - Steele for Congress - THIS VIDEO HAS ALREADY RECEIVED 801,623 VIEWS SINCE OCTOBER 19, 2010.  Please watch this, only 6 minutes.  See companion article below.

Dr. Elaina George - Obamacare Endgame: Doctors will be fined or jailed if they put Patients first - Big Government - If Obamacare is completely implemented, doctors will no longer be practicing medicine. They will instead become the drones tasked with deciding who gets the meager healthcare crumbs doled out by the bureaucrats who have the ultimate power over patient life and death. Those who are deemed to have illnesses that require treatments which are not cost effective can expect a one way ticket to a hospice. Like so many bills passed by Congress, there was a hidden provision in the Stimulus bill passed in 2009. It spends 1.1 billion dollars to create an important piece of the framework for the healthcare bill called the Coordinating Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research. It is based on the false premise that doctors in consultation with their patients don’t have the ability to make the right healthcare choices (see executive summary). 
The council consists of 15 people appointed by the President.  They all have one thing in common–they are all isolated from day to day patient care; and therefore, are insulated from the real practice of the art of medicine. It makes it easy to see patients as a cost center to be controlled. With views of members like Dr Emanuel, who champions the complete-lives system, it is hard to ignore the probability that senior citizens, those with chronic illness, and the very young will be on the outside looking in. This council is another example of the people of this country being told by the government that it knows what is best for us. The framework set up by the stimulus bill merely set the stage for the implementation found in the healthcare reform bill. How can the government get doctors to participate in Obamacare thereby a) willingly destroying the doctor patient relationship, and b) betraying their Hippocratic Oath to provide treatments that they deem to be effective? Simple – fear and intimidation.  A second board created by the stimulus bill called The National Coordinator for Health Information Technology “will determine treatment at the time and place of care”. They are charged with deciding the course of treatment for the diagnosis given by the doctor. Beginning January 1, 2013 penalties for doing the right thing for a patient will cost the doctor $100,000 for the first offense and jail for the second offense. Read more.......
If anyone needed any more reasons to vote conservative tomorrow,  this should make the case, and please pass this to anyone who may need extra assurance why we must take the House back and hopefully the Senate.

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